NCERT Book Based Tests for a holistic & multi-disciplinary Thought Process Development and a significant improvement in writing skills.


Test After Completion of a Segment for a thorough understanding of every segment of GS.This is our popular course.


Test-Series for Pre-Exam (about 18 – 20 tests providing a definite factor of safety and a deterrent to wastage of time after the Pre Exam).


Extensive Test-Series for Mains Exam (about 15 tests, Segment wise and full-syllabi pattern, giving a cutting edge to sincere aspirants)

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The best Civil Service Coaching Centre in Uttar Pradesh

Driven by the philosophy that every individual is born to succeed, RAO IAS direction as an organization is led by its Director Mr. Ajeet Prakash fondly known as Success Guru.
The Academy relentlessly works towards realizing the dream of Ajeet Sir to reach, to teach and train both the Hindi and English medium students to partake in the process of nation building by joining the Civil Services. The very first step of naming the institution after ancient India’s great thinker, a political strategist, a nationalist and an architect of civil services is our ever inspiring lodestar

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